Growing up, I would love to peruse my mom’s Indian jewellery. For as long as I can remember, the distinct uniqueness & versatility of these pieces stood out to me and always made me ecstatic whenever the opportunity arose to glam up. Over the years, I began picking up my own distinct pieces here and there and procured a personal collection. I would take great pleasure in the versatility of these pieces and style them in countless ways, from sarees to western dresses, also using them to dress up my friends and family. With an eye and passion for beauty and design, I dreamt of having a jewellery line for myself.

I quickly understood that although there are many like me who adore a beautifully crafted jewellery piece, it can be challenging to build and maintain a timeless collection of your own in an affordable way. That’s why I developed Timeless Jewels. Timeless Jewels gave me the avenue to combine my knowledge and invaluable business tools acquired from my business degree at McMaster University in Canada with my love for fashion and elegance. Timeless Jewels will help you create a collection with gorgeous and glamorous pieces that are both stylish and affordable.

Growing up between half my life spent in Canada and half in India, I take pride in providing a unique outlook when it comes to styling and selecting pieces. While building this collection, I sought out elegant pieces that fit with both traditional Indian attire and were able to be seamlessly styled with western fashion. The Timeless Jewels collection aspires to connect women not only through fashion, but also through culture & tradition.

May your looks always be glamorous and your spirit, timeless.